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When it comes to web browsing, Google Chrome is a pacesetter as it is built with future browsing in mind. Google understands that browsing needs to keep changing, and that’s why Google Chrome is constantly enhanced. It has an auto-update feature that automatically updates the browser with the latest features. This way, you have an updated version every time you browse. Google Chrome lets you save your passwords and make them accessible across all your devices. If you find an interesting page that you would like to revisit, just click on ‘bookmark’ and it is saved for you. To save time, Chrome lets you add tabs, keeping your browsing session in one window. Based on a browsing history, this freeware remembers and helps with search suggestions. The translate feature allows you to translate web pages which gives you the chance to browse pages with foreign languages. Google Chrome works in a fast, secure, and intelligent manner to create a smooth browsing experience for all users alike.