Steam for Windows

By Valve Corporation
★★★★★ Platform


Steam is a popular software developed by Valve. It is the leading platform that offers high-quality games and productivity tools. It has now become an important software for gamers and professionals alike.

Steam features a library which you can readily access. With this, it is easy for you to locate the software you have purchased and downloaded. Other features include your friend’s list, chat box, and cloud storage that synchronizes your online data to your local computer. Steam also updates your software automatically so that you do not have to do the tedious manual process. It also supports various payment methods from credit cards to PayPal.

One of the contributing factors for the popularity of Steam is the deal it makes to users. From time to time, Steam will put some of the popular games and software on sale. These games and software will go on sale for 10%, 25%, or 50%. Such deals will surely entice a lot of customers.

Today, Steam focuses on creating contents in virtual reality (VR) to provide a whole new kind of gaming experience to all players around the globe.


Software NameSteam
DeveloperValve Corporation
PlatformWindows 32-Bit / 64-Bit
Operating SystemWindows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7
Size1.5 MB