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ePSXe is a PlayStation emulator for PSX games that currently promotes the greatest compatibility that surpasses the former PlayStation emulators. The most noticeable feature is the well-rounded user interface. Upon the installation of this emulator, its users will be guided with a wizard about its setup and configuration. With just a few clicks, this wizard can appear after configuration anytime whenever the user needs help with the emulator. ePSXe also has a feature that is common to most PlayStation emulators—the ability to use plugins. Due to the system of plugins, it is very difficult to gauge the performance of this emulator. Its performance will be excellent on a properly configured system with the requirements of ePSXe and the right plugins. If the system surpasses the requirements, it can even surpass that of the quality of a PlayStation. The only problem with this emulator is that the files you need to run it don’t come with the installation file that can be downloaded from the official website of ePSXe. However, if you follow the guide given on the website, encountering this problem wouldn’t be so hard. Once you have collected all the files that you need for this emulator, ePSXe is easy to set up.