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For casual gamers who love to play flash or web games, Xpadder is a great gamepad controller that they can install in their desktops. Xpadder perfectly emulates the buttons, mouse, keyboard, and the directional thumb pads of any game settings. Hence, it makes gaming smooth and hassle-free. Xpadder supports multiple profiles, chorded input, and rumble feedback. This makes Xpadder one of the most versatile gamepad controllers in the market today. Aside from its typical command settings, you can also redefine the mouse movements and controls by just toggling the preassigned button for this command. In terms of installation, Xpadder has a simple prompt that is easy to understand. It also has a visual guide where you can assign your keys easily. As of the moment, Xpadder’s current version is not free, but it has an older version that you can freely install without any fees, allowing you to try it out before you buy the current one.